Now you can use your most trusted microphones for all your digital recordings. Den interne 48V phantom power og professional grade preamp gør SubZero XLR - USB Converter et must-have tilbehør til hurtig og nem optagelse med kondensatorer. Twelve transparent mic preamps for exceptional conversion performance. Notranji fantomski napajalnik 48V in profesionalna predojačevalna naprava zagotavljata, da je SubZero XLR - USB pretvornik SubZero pripomoček za hitro in enostavno snemanje s kondenzatorji. Tallentaa suoraan ja vaivattomasti ilman XLR - USB muunnoslaitteen. XLR-to-USB signal adapter connects any XLR microphone to a computer for recording with headphone monitoring. Simply connect the XLR from your mic into the input connector of the 500 series rack channel where your preamp sits. If you want to make a simple home recording just take a good mic with a xlr plug, connect a cable to it and connect the other end to the MXL preamp. SubZero XLR to USB Signal Converter and Mic Preamp - SubZero XLR til USB Signal Converter er en høj kvalitet grænseflade, ideel til at forbinde din mikrofon direkte til din computer til optagelse. RME Audio mic pres deliver pristine, transparent audio reproduction. SubZero XLR to USB Signal Converter and Mic Preamp - Nearly New. ... SubZero XLR to USB Signal Converter and Mic Preamp. Perfect for on-the-fly recordings, voice overs, podcasting, VoiP, IM chat, field recordings and more, Mic Mate Classic converts any existing condenser microphone to USB. Record live from anywhere you can bring your computer using any mic you choose. The XLR to USB cable you describe actually has a little box in it with microphone preamp and an analog to digital converter that turns the signal into something your computer can understand. Your microphone outputs an analog signal, which can be carried by an XLR cable. SubZero XLR to USB Signal Converter and Mic Preamp - Pretvornik signalov SubZero XLR v USB je visokokakovostni vmesnik, idealen za neposredno povezavo mikrofona z računalnikom za snemanje. Tallentaa suora ja häiriötön XLR-USB-muuntolaitteella . The plug-and-play connectivity of the X2u provides easy digital recording for music production, Podcasts and more. When connecting the preamp to digital set-ups, what you are trying to accomplish is simply this signal chain: Mic -> Preamp -> A/D Converter -> Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) The first part, Mic -> Preamp, is easy. The X2u attaches to dynamic or condenser microphones, and provides a direct connection to Windows or Mac computers via USB. Features include USB connectivity, integrated preamplifier with Microphone Gain Control, and Zero Latency Monitoring for real-time playback. MXL USB MicMate Classic XLR To USB Inline Preamp and A/D Converter for Podcasting/Voiceover. 61-key Synthesizer with Aftertouch, I-Arpeggio, Onboard FX, Mic Input, AUX In, TS and Balanced XLR Outputs, MIDI, USB-to-Host, USB-to-Device, 2 Headphone Outputs, and 2 Pedal Jacks $ 2,499 .99 Or $53 /month § for 48 months i SubZero XLR to USB Signal Converter and Mic Preamp - SubZero XLR-USB-signaalinmuunnin on laadukas liitäntä, joka sopii mikrofonin liittämiseen suoraan tietokoneeseen tallennusta varten. The Shure X2U Signal Adapter gives you the opportunity to go direct from mic to computer without the need of a hefty audio interface. The PAD-free microphone input stages have a 75 dB gain range and accept signals of up to +18 dBu.On the converter side, the 12Mic shines with an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio on all channels. First don't worry about using a dynamic mic (no line voltage) they work the same and it won't hurt it. Sisäinen 48 V:n phantom-teho ja ammattilaatuinen esivahvistin tekevät SubZero XLR-USB -muuntimesta SubZero lisävarusteen, joka mahdollistaa nopean ja yksinkertaisen tallennuksen lauhduttimilla. The MXL xlr to USB preamp mic interface is great. The X2u XLR to USB Adapter and SM58 Microphone from Shure combine to provide a quality handheld microphone and USB adapter in one package.