Below is a list of the pros and cons of joining the military. Good Idea. The Army Calls them MOS. 14 votes, 17 comments. Pros: You go home every night. Anything from Cook to Nuclear Reactor operator. The Marine Air-Ground Task Force is organized into four elements: the command, ground, aviation and … I work at the Royal Navy to help my cadets at deck learn what to do on hand for activities on my ship vessels. Cons: you'll meet the worst people in your life in the Navy too, being treated like a child, 'one team one fight' sometimes sucks. Post . Or even for nice housing. The Navy has just about any job you can think of. You will combine many different facets and gain a lot of exposure in terms of adaptability and travel. But Merchant Navy job is not for everyone. Like any branch of the military, there are major pros and cons associated with joining. You miss out on little joys of a family life, and are unable to celebrate festivities and important occasions with your loved ones. So there you go, the biggest pros and cons of being in the military, according to me. Opportunity to save some money. By choosing Merchant Navy as your career, you will become more professional in your life. List of Military Schools for Girls . ... Pros. Yet to take advantage of the best educational opportunities, you must enlist, a decision that can’t be made lightly. As a soldier in the Army Reserve, you serve your country part-time while still having the freedom to pursue a full-time career or education program. Pros: benefits. Don't make the same mistake I did. What would be the pros and cons of putting my education on hold in order to enlist in the Navy. But there’s another group of students who decide to be in the military after college. The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service unique among the U.S. military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission (with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters) and a federal regulatory agency mission as part of its mission set. Before signing up, even just for the Basic ROTC course freshman year, consider the benefits and drawbacks associated with an ROTC program. 4 Pros And Cons Of Joining the Army That No One Will Tell You February 24, 2017, by Joseph Carey – Although everyone aspires to make a career in the services, it should not be an impulsive decision. Army Reserve soldiers serve one weekend per month and an additional two weeks each year. The United States Coast Guard, founded in 1790, is one of the oldest branches of the United States military. Merchant Navy is a dream job for many youngsters. Schools with Navy ROTC; Pros and Cons of Enrolling in ROTC. This has been really heavy on my mind and I would like to know the pros and cons of joining the Navy. Thinking of joining the Navy, was wondering some of the biggest (and smallest) pros and cons of joining the Navy. For me, the pros far out weigh the cons and I am glad that I chose to join the military. pros and cons of joining the royal navy? Which leads to the Navy's best 'pro', the pay. Im already a college graduate, so im not after their college grants/scholarships (which i think is unrealistic anyway). Email . The Disadvantages of Joining the Marine Corps. Looking back, I would have definitely joined the Air Force or Coast Guard instead of the Navy. You get treated like a child. Cons: Life sucks. They are called Ratings. Melody Dawn. Generally, most servicemembers stay in the armed services -- Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps -- only for the length of the enlistment, while some opt to stay in for the maximum of 20 years, ... Pros and Cons of Joining the Marine Corps . The Navy pays more more than any other service. I only wished I had joined when I was 18 instead of 19. job stability, paycheck, travel, discipline, fitness, new experiences. A downside of joining the royal navy is that you don't get to see your family that much because you are always busy. im 20 atm, hate my job, love to travel and adventure, dont get sea sick, no1 relyin on me, in good shape, seems promising but … Speak with a recruiter and consider all of the pros and cons before joining. High Demand Air Force Jobs . August 8, 2015. 5 Serious Pros and Cons of Joining the Marines. Meeting amazing people from all sorts of places. cons of being in merchant navy Coming to the other side of this shiny coin, when you work in a merchant navy you have to be away from your home for months at stretch. Study Hard and get a good high score on the ASVAB Test. Hear from someone who did that and learn the benefits. If you like to add your comment, please feel free to do so below in the comment section. Army Basic Training Vs. Tweet . After the attacks on that fateful day of 9/11, many young men and women were encouraged to join military service, including the Marines. Pros … The army is by far the largest branch of the military in the United States and accepts almost anybody into service. So do not go in the Navy looking for pretty bases. Regardless of the type of institution and the branch of the military you pick, enrolling in an ROTC program is not an overnight decision. You get SDAP (about $400/month). Here Are the Pros and Cons ROTC can be a fulfilling option for many college students, but joining the program is also a serious commitment. Her parents are both ex-navy and ex-marine. Share It. So, as a Registered Nurse, what are the pros and cons of joining the US Navy Nurse Corps? The U.S. Marine Corps is organized as an expeditionary force that can deploy quickly and launch amphibious operations or ground assaults. Joining the military can provide you with an amazing education, from high school to college, even to graduate school. The United States Marines is under the Department of the Navy although it has a different branch of service. Cons: You work with civilian teenagers. Military veterans who qualify receive the GI Bill to attend college upon leaving the military, which makes it a smart decision to attend college as a veteran. ... take this from the guy who extensively writes about Star Wars and Game of Thrones — puts them a pair of BCGs away from joining the commo guys in playing DD. Some of them may be familiar to you, as they are echoed throughout the military world. The army is one branch of the Military that covers ground and infantry problems. "Pros and cons royal navy" 4.0 ... Cons. ... How to Become Rich by Joining the Military → What are the Benefits of Being Married in the Navy? 2. If anyone is Navy or ex-Navy please e-mail at for some information. The Coast Guard's primary responsibility is to secure U.S. shores and assist in rescue operations along the coast and in the … I already read through the benefits and stuff, but it all sounds too good to be true. You can't do anything without getting a chit approved. the Navy prefers to pay it's sailors to go out and to find their own housing. You can get stationed close to home, even if you don’t live by a Navy Base. Joining the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy has many benefits as well as drawbacks, it is very important for someone thinking of joining the military to understand both. Hopefully if you are thinking about joining the military this article was helpful. 10 Pros And Cons Of Joining The Army Posted on Last Updated: June 14, 2020 June 14, 2020 Author Elie P. Comment(0) 12377 Views There are several different branches of the United States Military, but often the first one that comes to mind to the general public is the U.S. Army. On top of that, i am a registered nurse. 4 Pros And Cons Of Joining the Army That No One Will… Comments Filed Under: Air Force , Army , Coast Guard , Marines , National Guard , Navy , News , Recruiting You’ll learn some of the benefits of joining the Air Force, as well as some of it’s disadvantages in this Air Force pros and cons list. Also, how easy/difficult would it be to eventually become an officer. Pros & Cons of the Coast Guard. As usual, like other jobs there are some cons of this job. Re: The advantages and disadvantages of joining the Royal Na I am in my last year of me degree and have decided to join the RN. No time to go to school while active duty. Going beyond the common pros and cons of joining the Air Force, like your able to go to school for free using the post 911 GI Bill, free healthcare is provided, the military owns you, and the Air Force has a lot of rules. Team Mighty. Are you considering making ROTC part of your college experience and getting a head start on a military career? The pros and cons of being a military spouse. Since joining the military is such a huge, life-changing decision, I wanted to flesh out some of the pros and cons of “signing your life away,” and further explain my reasons for enlisting. Pros/Cons of Joining the Civil Air Patrol? Navy bases really suck, All the navy wants at a base is piers and warehouses. Discussion in 'Flight Following' started by HighFlyingA380, Jul 2, 2013. Also if anyone knows what the exact difference is between Navy and Navy Reserves. I'm currently at the end of my first semester in college. Pros & Cons for Women Joining the Military. Updated December 31, 2018. ... (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd … Share . Pick a Good Rate (job) that will lead to a good high paying civilian Job after the military. Pros and Cons. You don’t stand duty or go on deployment.