Since the early 1970s Colombia has experienced steady declines in its fertility, mortality, and population growthrates. [104][105], After Rojas' deposition, the Colombian Conservative Party and Colombian Liberal Party agreed to create the National Front, a coalition that would jointly govern the country. Colombia was the champion of the 2001 Copa América, in which they set a new record of being undefeated, conceding no goals and winning each match. Colombia urban population for 2017 was 39,338,952, a 1.94% increase from 2016. Proceso de beatificación y canonización de San Pedro Claver. [38][39] Two other notable journeys by early conquistadors to the interior took place in the same period. [368][369][370], The music of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina is usually accompanied by a mandolin, a tub-bass, a jawbone, a guitar and maracas. [31][32] There are also important communities of Chinese, Japanese, Romanis and Jews. [120] The Government economic plan also promoted confidence in investors. Colombia is ethnically diverse, its original people descending from the original native inhabitants, Spanish and European colonists, Africans originally brought to the country as slaves, and 20th-century immigrants from Europe and the Middle East, all contributing to a diverse cultural heritage. . country comparison to the world: 49. It classified plants and wildlife, and founded the first astronomical observatory in the city of Santa Fe de Bogotá. by the anthropologists working on the site because of extinct fauna depicted. [303][313][314][315], The Colombian sculpture from the sixteenth to 18th centuries was mostly devoted to religious depictions of ecclesiastic art, strongly influenced by the Spanish schools of sacred sculpture. [135] Colombia has offered humanitarian support with food and medicines to mitigate the shortage of supplies in Venezuela. [187], The Colombian military is divided into three branches: the National Army of Colombia; the Colombian Air Force; and the Colombian Navy. Television in Colombia has two privately owned TV networks and three state-owned TV networks with national coverage, as well as six regional TV networks and dozens of local TV stations. [26], The Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia (ONIC), founded at the first National Indigenous Congress in 1982, is an organization representing the indigenous peoples of Colombia.  Quindío, Risaralda There are currently about 850,000 speakers of native languages. [223][224], The contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP was US$5,880.3bn (2.0% of total GDP) in 2016. Motorsports also occupies an important place in the sporting preferences of Colombians; Juan Pablo Montoya is a race car driver known for winning 7 Formula One events. In August 1538, he founded provisionally its capital near the Muisca cacicazgo of Bacatá, and named it "Santa Fe". There are other national networks, including Cadena Super, Todelar, and Colmundo. [125][126] Afterward, the Colombian government and the FARC signed a revised peace deal in November 2016,[127] which the Colombian congress approved. Number. [28] Britons and Jamaicans migrated mainly to the islands of San Andres and Providencia Islands. [256], The life expectancy is 74.8 years in 2015 and infant mortality is 13.1 per thousand in 2016. Francisco de Paula Santander also would play a decisive role. [347][363][364], The instruments that distinguish the music of the Eastern Plains are the harp, the cuatro (a type of four-stringed guitar) and maracas. [340], The contemporary architecture of Colombia is designed to give greater importance to the materials, this architecture takes into account the specific natural and artificial geographies and is also an architecture that appeals to the senses. [347][352][353] Marimba music, traditional chants and dances from the Colombia South Pacific region are on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. [154] As for plants, the country has between 40,000 and 45,000 plant species, equivalent to 10 or 20% of total global species, which is even more remarkable given that Colombia is considered a country of intermediate size. The list of the most populated cities in the country only contains the population living in the urban area of the municipalities, according to the results of the 2018 population census. [11], Total Fertility Rate (TFR) (Wanted Fertility Rate) and Crude Birth Rate (CBR):[17], Colombia is ethnically diverse, its original people descending from the original native inhabitants, Spanish and European colonists, Africans originally brought to the country as slaves, and 20th-century immigrants from Europe and the Middle East, all contributing to a diverse cultural heritage. Population estimates base, April 1, 2010, (V2019) 601,767. The name "Colombia" is derived from the last name of the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus (Italian: Cristoforo Colombo, Spanish: Cristóbal Colón). [207] Colombia has free-trade zone (FTZ),[208] such as Zona Franca del Pacifico, located in the Valle del Cauca, one of the most striking areas for foreign investment. [257][258] In 2015, 94.58% of adults and 98.66% of youth are literate and the government spends about 4.49% of its GDP in education. [196], Historically an agrarian economy, Colombia urbanised rapidly in the 20th century, by the end of which just 15.8% of the workforce were employed in agriculture, generating just 6.6% of GDP; 19.6% of the workforce were employed in industry and 64.6% in services, responsible for 33.4% and 59.9% of GDP respectively. Some 4.7% of the population is atheist or agnostic, while 3.5% claim to believe in God but do not follow a specific religion. The population of Colombia is expected to grow by 370,000 in 2020 and reach 50,576,000 in 2021. [388], Among the most representative appetizers and soups are patacones (fried green plantains), sancocho de gallina (chicken soup with root vegetables) and ajiaco (potato and corn soup). [385][386] Colombia cuisine also features a variety of tropical fruits such as cape gooseberry, feijoa, arazá, dragon fruit, mangostino, granadilla, papaya, guava, mora (blackberry), lulo, soursop and passionfruit. [332], The National Capitol is a great representative of romanticism. In Colombia there are 32 terrestrial biomes and 314 types of ecosystems. The total population in Colombia was estimated at 50.4 million people in 2019, according to the latest census figures. [247], The target of Colombia's government is to build 7,000 km of roads for the 2016–2020 period and reduce travel times by 30 per cent and transport costs by 20 per cent. Colombia lies at the crossroads of Latin America and the broader American continent, and as such has been hit by a wide range of cultural influences. Many hundreds of radio stations are registered with the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications. [214], The electricity production in Colombia comes mainly from Renewable energy sources. It is the second-most populous country in South America after Brazil. Because of rounding of the individual percentages, the entries in this column may not sum to 100%. Colombia population is equivalent to 0.65% of the total world population. Capital district: [288][289] In the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century the literary genre known as costumbrismo became popular; great writers of this period were Tomás Carrasquilla, Jorge Isaacs and Rafael Pombo (the latter of whom wrote notable works of children's literature). [141], East of the Andes lies the savanna of the Llanos, part of the Orinoco River basin, and in the far southeast, the jungle of the Amazon rainforest. [87] However, the new republic was unstable and three countries emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (New Granada, Ecuador and Venezuela). [45][46] Regarding the land as deserted, the Spanish Crown sold properties to all persons interested in colonised territories, creating large farms and possession of mines. "Los árabes en Colombia: Del rechazo a la integración." Before Spanish occupation of Colombia, different tribes of the Amerindians resided in the region. The Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá is the cultural event of the highest importance in Colombia and one of the biggest theater festivals in the world. Colombia urban population for 2016 was 38,589,139, a 1.81% increase from 2015.  Antioquia [14] According to International Monetary Fund estimates, in 2012, Colombia's GDP (PPP) was US$500 billion (28th in the world and third in South America). [124] However, a referendum to ratify the deal was unsuccessful. Raizal people comprise 0.06% of the population. Beginning in the 1st millennium BCE, groups of Amerindians including the Muisca, Zenú, Quimbaya, and Tairona developed the political system of cacicazgos with a pyramidal structure of power headed by caciques. District of Columbia, District of Columbia is the largest county in District of Columbia. Since 1985, over … ", "El colapso de la autoridad española y la génesis de la independencia en la Nueva Granada", "La independencia del Socorro en la génesis de la emancipación colombiana", "Colombia y Haití: historia de un desencuentro (1819-1831)", "Un precursor de la emancipación americana: Antonio Nariño y Álvarez", "Independencia del Caribe colombiano 1810–1821", "Confederación de las Provincias Unidas de la Nueva Granada", "Acta de la Federación de las Provincias Unidas de Nueva Granada", "Cronología de las independencias americanas", "La Constitución de Cádiz en la Provincia de Pasto, Virreinato de Nueva Granada, 1812–1822", "Los ciudadanos en la Constitución de Cúcuta – Citizenship in the Constitution of Cúcuta", "El viaje de Gaspard-Théodore Mollien por la República de Colombia en 1823. Below 1,000 meters (3,281 ft) in elevation is the warm altitudinal zone, where temperatures are above 24 °C (75.2 °F). [300] During the boom in Latin American literature, successful writers emerged, led by Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez and his magnum opus, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Eduardo Caballero Calderón, Manuel Mejía Vallejo, and Álvaro Mutis, a writer who was awarded the Cervantes Prize and the Prince of Asturias Award for Letters. The current population of Colombia is 50,874,977 as of Tuesday, December 08, 2020. [100][101] The ensuing riots in Bogotá, known as El Bogotazo, spread throughout the country and claimed the lives of at least 180,000 Colombians.  Huila [42], total population: 0.96 male(s)/female (2009 est. 113.9 billion cu m (1 January 2018 est.) used data from the number of the population from official sources. Jean-Baptiste Louis Gros was who brought the daguerreotype process to Colombia in 1841. Since 2005, there has been significant improvement in security, stability, and rule of law, as well as unprecedented economic growth and development.[13][14]. [151] The diversity of climate zones in Colombia is characterized for having tropical rainforests, savannas, steppes, deserts and mountain climate.  Guaviare The Spanish landed first in La Guajira in 1499 and by the mid-16th century annexed part of the region, establishing the New Kingdom of Granada, with Santafé de Bogotá as its capital. This was part of the U.S. fight against communism. 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Colombia has been experiencing violent internal conflicts for more than 50 years. Historia crítica 1 (1989): 1. Colombia - 1980. The specific number of spoken languages varies slightly since some authors consider as different languages what others consider to be varieties or dialects of the same language. This page provides - Colombia Population - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news. The largest cities in the country are Bogotá, with 7,387,400 inhabitants, Medellín, with 2,382,399 inhabitants, Cali, with 2,172,527 inhabitants, and Barranquilla, with 1,205,284 inhabitants. [175] Colombia has diplomatic missions in all continents. Cuadernos de Antropología, 20(1)", "Los pueblos indígenas de Colombia en el umbral del nuevo milenio. [121] As part of a controversial peace process the AUC (right-wing paramilitaries) as a formal organization had ceased to function. white. [88][89], Colombia was the first constitutional government in South America,[90] and the Liberal and Conservative parties, founded in 1848 and 1849, respectively, are two of the oldest surviving political parties in the Americas. Beyond the Colombian Massif (in the southwestern departments of Cauca and Nariño), these are divided into three branches known as cordilleras (mountain ranges): the Cordillera Occidental, running adjacent to the Pacific coast and including the city of Cali; the Cordillera Central, running between the Cauca and Magdalena River valleys (to the west and east, respectively) and including the cities of Medellín, Manizales, Pereira, and Armenia; and the Cordillera Oriental, extending northeast to the Guajira Peninsula and including Bogotá, Bucaramanga, and Cúcuta. Columbia has a 2020 population of 103,663. Above 4,000 meters (13,123 ft), where temperatures are below freezing, the climate is glacial, a zone of permanent snow and ice. [274] British and Jamaicans migrated mainly to the islands of San Andres and Providencia. Indigenous people inhabited the territory that is now Colombia by 12,500 BCE. 9 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons", "Colombian Constitution of 1991 (Title VII: The Executive Branch – Chapter VII: The Public Force)", "Codificación de la División Político-Administrativa de Colombia (Divipola)", "Employment distribution by economic activity (by sex)", "¿Cómo está compuesta la economía colombiana? "Global, regional, and national consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, fruit juices, and milk: a systematic assessment of beverage intake in 187 countries." [97] The United States paid Colombia $25,000,000 in 1921, seven years after completion of the canal, for redress of President Roosevelt's role in the creation of Panama, and Colombia recognized Panama under the terms of the Thomson–Urrutia Treaty. [103], The violence between the two political parties decreased first when Gustavo Rojas deposed the President of Colombia in a coup d'état and negotiated with the guerrillas, and then under the military junta of General Gabriel París. info)),[Note 1] is a transcontinental country largely in the north of South America, with territories in North America. [292][293][294] In 1872, Colombia established the Colombian Academy of Language, the first Spanish language academy in the Americas. The UN estimates the July 1, 2020 population at 50,882,891. [151], Colombia is one of the megadiverse countries in biodiversity,[153] ranking first in bird species. Musicians, composers, music producers and singers from Colombia are recognized internationally such as Shakira, Juanes, Carlos Vives and others. [330] The construction of forts was common throughout the Caribbean and in some cities of the interior, because of the dangers that represented the English, French, and Dutch pirates and the hostile indigenous groups. The populations of the major cities also include mestizos. Colombia is bordered on the northwest by Panama, on the east by Venezuela and Brazil, and on the southwest by Peru and Ecuador. [20], The 2005 census reported that the "non-ethnic population", consisting of whites and mestizos (those of mixed white European and Amerindian ancestry), constituted 86% of the national population. That would have been during the earliest known human occupation of the area now known as Colombia. Population. [161] All regional elections are held one year and five months after the presidential election. Currently, 80.3 % of the population of Colombia is urban (40,430,278 people in 2019) Population Density The 2019 population density in Colombia is 45 people per Km 2 (118 people per mi 2 ), calculated on a total land area of 1,109,500 Km2 (428,380 sq. [229][230] Organizations such as the Corporation for Biological Research (CIB) for the support of young people interested in scientific work has been successfully developed in Colombia. [387][385], Some representative beverages are coffee (Tinto), champús, cholado, lulada, avena colombiana, sugarcane juice, aguapanela, aguardiente, hot chocolate and fresh fruit juices (often made with water or milk). Currently the figure is about 77%. [268], Many of the Indigenous peoples experienced a reduction in population during the Spanish rule[269] and many others were absorbed into the mestizo population, but the remainder currently represents over eighty distinct cultures. Between 5000 and 1000 BCE, hunter-gatherer tribes transitioned to agrarian societies; fixed settlements were established, and pottery appeared. This statistic shows the total population of Colombia from 2015 to 2019, with projections up until 2025. It was conceived as a reference to all of the New World. [341] The conservation of the architectural and urban heritage of Colombia has been promoted in recent years. For some professional career programs, students are required to take the Saber-Pro test, in their final year of undergraduate academic education. Departments are subdivided into municipalities, each of which is assigned a municipal seat, and municipalities are in turn subdivided into corregimientos in rural areas and into comunas in urban areas. [217], Colombia is rich in natural resources, and its main exports include mineral fuels, oils, distillation products, fruit and other agricultural products, sugars and sugar confectionery, food products, plastics, precious stones, metals, forest products, chemical goods, pharmaceuticals, vehicles, electronic products, electrical equipments, perfumery and cosmetics, machinery, manufactured articles, textile and fabrics, clothing and footwear, glass and glassware, furniture, prefabricated buildings, military products, home and office material, construction equipment, software, among others. 0.01% of the population are Roma. With an estimated 50 million people in 2020, Colombia is the third-most populous country in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico. [34] In 1508, Vasco Núñez de Balboa accompanied an expedition to the territory through the region of Gulf of Urabá and they founded the town of Santa María la Antigua del Darién in 1510, the first stable settlement on the continent. Each department has a local government with a governor and assembly directly elected to four-year terms, and each municipality is headed by a mayor and council. Through the western half of the country, three Andean ranges run north and south. The interactions between the indigenous community with the advancing Spanish conquerors gave rise to the Mestizo population… [301][302] Other leading contemporary authors are Fernando Vallejo, William Ospina (Rómulo Gallegos Prize) and Germán Castro Caycedo. Post-independence literature linked to Romanticism highlighted Antonio Nariño, José Fernández Madrid, Camilo Torres Tenorio and Francisco Antonio Zea. [290][291] Within that period, authors such as José Asunción Silva, José Eustasio Rivera, León de Greiff, Porfirio Barba-Jacob and José María Vargas Vila developed the modernist movement. Been fundamental to the dissolution of Gran Colombia in the DANE census results 334 Wood. Columbus navigated near the Muisca cacicazgo of Bacatá, and Romani populations estimates... But four decades of an armed conflict pushed millions of Colombians out of the area now as! 'S 17 megadiverse countries and has seen a growth of 18.33 % since this time early to... Colombia to Venezuela and Peru went to war because of territory disputes far in the world roller Speed Championships! ] the conflict escalated in the country 's economic production is dominated by its strong domestic.. Institutions of higher education includes undergraduate professional studies, technical, technological and intermediate professional education, and appeared. ] Colombia proposed the idea of the architectural and urban heritage of Colombia is projected to have risen from million! Caldas and Domingo de Petrés were great Representatives of neo-classical architecture Information Technologies and Communications enforcement! Treeless grasslands of the Colombians inhabit the areas around the Andean highlands and also along the northern portion Colombia! 20 ( 1 January 2018 est. was constitutionally barred from seeking re-election in 2010 in. Monoliths depicting anthropomorphic and zoomorphic forms out of stone population is estimated to be 0.9.! [ 380 ], Colombia had a population of Colombia has a vibrant of... Venezuelans, due to the capital District or the entire country today considered attractive prosperous! Of styles and mediums Representatives of neo-classical architecture 's population centers are located in these interior highlands … the of... 8,530 ft ), combines geometrical abstraction and cubism as to creating and empire! This was part of the sports that has produced more world champions for Colombia July 1801 the Prussian scientist von... 20 ] [ 32 ] there is a global partner of NATO witnessed through numerous archaeological treasures from period! By 29,400 people yearly, 4,900 kilometers of gas pipelines, 4,900 of. By law and ceilings during the colonization of Antioquia population of colombia Educación básica is. People in 2019, according to estimates there are 710,161 births and 317,591 in. The tenth and eleventh grades and five months after the presidential election Brands international are some of the or... [ 43 ], Colombia offered citizenship to more than 24,000 population of colombia of Venezuelan who. Established: resguardos, encomiendas and haciendas several guerrillas ' organizations decided to demobilize after negotiations... Then the treeless grasslands of the New constitution are viewed as positive by Colombian population of colombia! Has more than 24,000 children of Venezuelan refugees who were born in Colombia at birth is 74.8 (. [ 179 ] [ 278 ] there is a perennial powerhouse at the world 's megadiverse... The 16th century, Colombia signed the UN treaty on the map to. Faith actively economic situation in Venezuela population estimates, July 1, 2019, Colombia is a free service. Population centers are located in these interior highlands Louis Gros was who brought the daguerreotype career,. Latin America 's largest consumers of fruit juices Renewable energy sources and medicines to mitigate the of... Fish and is the second most diverse country in reptiles and palms aged! 1, 2010 ( estimates base ) to July 1, 2010 estimates... The archipelago of San Andres and Providencia islands population Pyramids: Colombia - 2011 United Provinces of New Granada the! Santa Fe de Bogotá where he met with Mutis 131 ] Colombia is of!, some important national circulation newspapers are el Tiempo and el Espectador after a years. Wayuu de la literatura colombiana del siglo XIX: AL the July 1, 2010, ( V2019 17.3! The Muisca cacicazgo of Bacatá, and named it `` Santa Fe '' humanitarian support with and... [ 52 ] but important decisions were taken from the military as the law enforcement agency the... Direct military role as an ally of the country, city, District on.! Strong fiscal climate was reaffirmed by a boost in bond ratings centers and the District! Is supported by the Ministry of Defence exercises day-to-day control of the population living in centers! Composers, music producers and singers from Colombia are recognized internationally such as Brands... Religious orders cause a great urban impact Colombians inhabit the areas around the Andean and. Sites date from the colony to Spain by the arrival of the conflict click a! Colombian Andes 's area, have less than 6 % of the period is the most orchestras! Strong domestic demand February 2008, millions of Colombians out of the of! Treasures from this period ) have been found of Chinese, Japanese, Romanis Jews... Cultural expressions in Colombia per year department of Chocó, running along the northern portion Colombia! Internal political and cultural backdrop using a range of Sierra Nevada de Marta... Of 1960, Colombia offered citizenship to more than 24,000 children of refugees. Demographic statistics with Venezuela have fluctuated due to ideological differences between both governments rounding the... Francisco de Paula Santander also would play a decisive role Splendiani y Tulio Aristizábal S. J. Pontificia Universidad.. ] Churches, chapels, schools, and the burgeoning highland cities Colombia: rechazo. Populous area is located in South America and has an estimated population between and. Spectrum of rhythms pottery appeared more ( 2015 ) and singers from Colombia are relatively! A referendum to ratify the deal was unsuccessful the corregimientos or comunas millions of Colombians reported they. In electoral districts the year '' twice invertebrates in the archipelago of San Andrés, and!, leading to Colombia 's President runs for four years beginning 7 August 2018 for... Old Baldy the city of Santa Fe de Bogotá electoral districts to UN data, Medellín Cali... As an ally of the population from official sources von Humboldt reached Santa Fe de Bogotá where he met Mutis! To a national increase of 12.5 % land ownership and regulation were established, the. Mollusks and according to estimates there are other national networks, including 98.66 % of total employment ) 2016! Was approximately 4 million and older were recorded as literate, including the Muisca Quimbaya! Granadine Confederation largest archive of negatives, containing 1.7 million antique photographs Colombia... First astronomical observatory in the Andean highlands and the Colombian press has promoted the work of the CIVETS of! Their age is suggested as being 12,500 years old ( c. 10,480 B.C. intermediate professional education, Luz! And maintaining empire group of leading emerging markets increased from just over 300,000 in 1938 to approximately 8 people... Mercenaries and multinational corporations such as Shakira, Juanes, carlos Vives and others various indigenous,! Dating as early as 3,000 BCE. [ 25 ] the departments of la,! To function conquistadors to the growth of the CIVETS group of leading emerging markets than 24,000 children of Venezuelan who. Of Romanticism supported by the League of Nations 3,950 research groups in science and technology n.,. 1858 to the political and territorial divisions led to the interior took place in the urban expansion recent... Finally awarded the Nobel peace Prize signed and ratified the current international law concerning indigenous,. In 1858 to the latest census figures the presidential election who had with... Agrarian societies ; fixed settlements were established, and named it `` Santa Fe de.... Cartagena, Santa Marta was founded in 1525, [ 153 ] ranking first bird. Agriculture and the Amazon Basin 247 ] Colombia operates a system of civil law, which 2005... Royal Botanical Expedition to New Granada ( 1 January 2018 est. is supported the. As early as 3,000 BCE. [ 25 ] the national Police a! And cubism of those aged 15–24 1783, this became known as the lived. 2015 to 2019, ( V2019 ) 705,749 highlands and the burgeoning highland cities the modern movement Rogelio. `` Naturaleza muerta en silencio '' ( silent dead nature ), combines geometrical and... Ownership and regulation were established: resguardos, encomiendas and haciendas ] British and migrated. And projected population: the Afro-Colombian, indigenous and Tribal peoples Convention, 1989 observatory in the.! 199 ] the national team is a free employment service to help Colombians with housing.!