So while there are benefits to starting on a full-sized guitar, you need to use your judgment on whether your child will be able to manage with the size or not. So, even though the term Concert or Grand Concert may bring to mind a large bodied guitar, you now know it's actually more compact … 6 String Junior Guitar, Right Handed (MA34-N) Loog. A better measurement is by looking at the scale length of a guitar. Although the difference is not extreme, a 38 inch guitar is certainly lighter than a 41-inch guitar. I'm assuming you're looking at an inexpensive guitar on the internet as those are typically the ones that specify the meaningless overall length measurement. Guitar Sizes – A Guide To The 10 Sizes of Guitar Guitar sizes vary. Children grow rapidly and something that looks like a perfect fit today can quickly become too small. This will be the point in between the upper and lower bouts. Because the guitar is smaller, it tends to require thinner strings, which also makes it easier to play. a 38" guitar is for kids 12 years old and under you better buy a 41" that is full size those ones are for 13 and older/adults. While there are many variations of sizes for acoustic guitars, the most common system contains four sizes: The 4/4 guitar shown above is a full-sized classical guitar. The scale length is the most important measure for a guitar because it impacts how a guitar feels when you play it. The chart gives you just a reference. Measure the full depth of the guitar as per bout depth but including the bridge. There are, however, several important distinctions between the two that can either help or hinder players depending on their needs. While it makes perfect sense to buy a scaled-down guitar for a child, that isn’t the only option. Was: AU $150.95. Because 38-inch guitars are designed both for players with smaller hands and/or those who are just starting too learn the instrument, there really isn't much need to include those extra frets, which are both hard to reach and hard to press down on properly. A 3/4 sized guitar is really around 7/8 in size compared to a full-sized guitar. The total length of a ‘full size’ guitar could be anywhere from 36 inches to well over 40 inches. That means you won’t need to re-buy a guitar in the future and your child will potentially use their first guitar for life. Well the simple annoying answer to that question would be “witha measuring tape!” …but I want you to come back another day… the sensible answeraside from a measuring tape is that you have to know what to measureto get any joy. ESSENTIAL ACOUSTIC GUITAR ACCESSORIES. Other teachers will tell you that children can effectively learn on larger guitars. The guide will take you from knowing nothing about guitar to playing your first full song. I've been looking at a guitar on ebay, but it says it's 39" and not the usual(?) Full length. The only meaningful measurement is scale length, which on a full size guitar is between 24 1/2" and 25 1/2". Although I had a chance to try out a lefty Taylor BB and it didn't sound like a small guitar either. A dreadnought acoustic guitar and a Les Paul electric guitar are both full-size guitars, but they both have different scale lengths, different total lengths, and feel very different to play. It’s okay if the guitar is a bit too big in the beginning because your child will quickly grow into it. Acoustic guitars come in all shapes and sizes. This page's aim is to give you a general understanding of guitar sizes. $129.99. Some guitar teachers will insist that larger guitars will impede a child’s progress. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. The size of a headstock doesn’t make a guitar feel any different when you play it, but differences in headstocks will throw off measurements. There are two main ways you can measure a guitar. A full-sized dreadnought guitar (steel string acoustic) has a huge body that can be a major obstacle for a small child. To learn more about the parts on acoustic and electric guitars, read through this guide for diagrams and examples of different types of parts across different brands. Full-sized guitars also sound far better than scaled-down guitars. If the guitar is too big for the child to manage, it can frustrate them and they may give up learning the guitar. Now, different companies use different guitar size terminology. ZENY 38'' Acoustic Guitar Full Size Beginners … There are lots of different electric guitars on the market, however, their guitar sizes don’t tend to vary much beyond half-size, three-quarter-size and full-size. It's also important to choose a guitar that will inspire you or your child to play. $119.99 $ 119. If you’ve ever wondered why different types of guitars feel so different to play, read my guide on guitar scale length for answers. There are really threemain things we needto measure. The younger a child is, the smaller the guitar needs to be to be able to comfortably play. The naming system used with acoustic guitars can be very misleading. They don’t actually match the size of the guitars. Here are some general rules-of-thumb on what size guitar to get for children: The above recommendations are quite different from typical advice you see on other websites. The latter variety has a few inches to spare, so it includes a few extra frets, way up on the scale near the sound hole.