Not including the 5.56mm since those play so differently or the shotgun since that requires extra perks. This means they can just use chems instead to get through a heavily irradiated area and not have to waste their perk on this one. requirements Let Cass tag along with a brush gun or give Raul a hunting revolver. Azzy G33 20:11, March 13, 2012 (UTC). The two are very good, cowboy make certain weapons a beast, the brush gun with the cowboy perk is more powerfull than a AMR for example. This perk requires 3 SPECIAL points to equip. Blood-nap Lonesome Road; Combat knife And no, the .44 revolver ingame isn't really a wild west gun, but I like having a rifle/sidearm with the same ammo pool on Hardcore. ranks Depends of your playstyle and if you are roleplaying. Take Rapid Reload. I just wish a Double-barrelled shotgun was shipped to the mojave from Point Lookout. I'm curious as to what specific weapons are considered to be Revolvers and Knives for the purposes of this perk. Try " The Professional.". Despite being a revolver, the police pistol is not affected by the Cowboy perk, due to add-on content not being affected by base game perks. 003F45F2. You do 25% more damage when using any revolver, lever-action firearm, dynamite, knife, or hatchet. This includes: Explosives. Adds my scoped Buffalo Gun (a .45-70 La Longue Carabine) and a 12-gauge lever-action shotgun to Gun Runners. ... Grunt and Cowboy perks rebalanced; Grunt and Cowboy perks rebalanced. I believe there's some perks for it. Have fun, mess around. The Cowboy perk now includes the police pistol, caravan shotgun, big boomer and sawed-off shotgun. I suppose you could take some explosives-related perks. base id + Light touch (+5% crits with light armor equipped) + finesse (free 5% crit chance) + Laser commander ( +5% … 25 % more damage when using any revolver, lever-action firearm, dynamite, knife, or hatchet. 9mm Submachine Gun - Vance's Submachine Gun: In Win's Hideout, inside the safe. the Sequioia uses the same ammo as the medicine stick I would consider it redundant. Lonesome road sucked at level five, even if all I wanted was a bowie knife. Take "Grunt." Same with Ranger sequoias but not the hunting revolvers. Weapons: Medicine Stick, La Longue Carabine, Lucky, Mysterious Magnum (Annoying if Quick Draw is taken), That Gun, Lever-Action Shotgun, Chance's Knife/Bloodnap, Dynamite (Any other gun/knife affected by the Cowboy perk also works.) Effects. Only take the ones that will affect you. effects BB Gun - Abilene Kid LE BB Gun: Inside the Fiend's Shack, lying on a shelf. With one of dem implants and a certain perk from a certain Old Blues DLC ye can get 6 strength easy-peasy. 1 The core features of modern Fallout, which Bethesda pioneered in Fallout 3 and shook the world with a masterful execution, would fit perfectly in a survival-driven game. There have been many changes to the Perk system in Fallout: DUST, in addition to the modifications of derived statistics from SPECIAL the Survivor is subject to. What weapons, specifically, are affected by the Cowboy perk? yes, you'll be an outlaw, but some of the other clothing works as well.... As far as special stats, you'll want a high agility and perception, and likely a high luck, but that's up to you. Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout New Vegas Commands Armors Companions Weapons Perks Traits Skill Books Snow Globes Skills Factions ConsoleCommands There's no point in using it when you can pick up the Cowboy perk and suddenly the Cowboy Repeater does more base DAM than the sniper rifle. Perk Have fun with it. When Fallout 76 came out, I was excited. high damage, fire rate, and accuracey. I took Cowboy on my first play-thru and liked the knife boost but hated the long reload times of guns. Both work with the Cowboy perk. Combat Knives? 2,218. I would like to use Lucky, but that would require lockpick. I guess that could fit for RPing purposes. Cowboy is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas. xD and also the varmint rifle too? Download: Manual; 0 of 0 Service rifle isn't either. you want commando, because it increases your accuracy with them. Anyhow. you'll want perks like " And stay Back" and " Shotgun Surgeon" to offset the damage difference you'll be seeing between the Hunting/Riot shotguns and the Caravan/Single/Lever. General information Unlike in Fallout 3, the Perk Rate in Fallout: New Vegas is one perk every two levels. Anything that uses .44 magnum ammo is not really a "cowboy" weapon either, imo. It helps hatchets but not the fire axe. You'll want clothing like the Sherriff's duster, which can be grabbed at primm early on, (as well as a cowboy repeater, which you can repair with the weapon repair kit in Victor's shack, or have Major Knight fully fix it) or the Bounty hunter duster, or go for a Shirt/pants combo like the Powder Ganger plain outfit. Well, in Addition to cowboy, it'll depend on what weapons you really want. Also would a hunting rifle be considered a cowboy weapon? Perception will help with Enemy detection, lockpicking, Explosives( I think) and Guns, among others. loved that thing. Cowboy only affects Trail Carbine, if you're referring to This Machine then no, only That Gun is affected by it. Version. Weirdly enough though, I think something like the automatic rifle could've existed very late in the wild west period and could possibly have been procured by a cowboy, but I don't think the .308 ammo was developed until a couple decades later. How to add a new or modifies weapons to perk list - posted in New Vegas Mod Troubleshooting: Hi, I find myself playing with different mods that introduce new or modified weapons without listing those weapons to an appropriate perk list. 1 Effects 1.1 Affected weapons 2 Notes 3 References Just good, honest infantry work! I hear a dedicated luck build is downright overpowered with a Modded Laser rifle and a few crit perks. To get Cowboy and Hand Loader, I pumped Melee Weapons and Repair skills respectively, selected the proper perk, then undid my skill selections. As in Vanilla New Vegas, there are different types of perks. Long-fuse dynamite; Time bomb; Fire bomb Honest Hearts; Melee. videogame_asset My games. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. That Gun is a unique revolver in Fallout: New Vegas. --DeadlyPrey(talk) 04:38, March 23, 2012 (UTC), ...Oh, and all the 20 gauge shotguns I'd say are fair game also. 1 Agility Hell, if you want, I could see a cowboy with a Fancy-Dancy Hunting shotgun, if he's sporting such a modern Revolver like the .44 or the Police Pistol. .44 special existed before the 1900's, too, but meh. The only shotgun the Cowboy perk helps is the lever action so get one of those. Note: Wild Wastleland trait is required. Fallout New Vegas. I need help on how to make a small patch whose purpose is to add orphan weapons to the appropriate perk list like Demolition Expert Run ‘n Gun, Cowboy… Nuclear Winter Fallout New Vegas Vats Gun Build; S-4 P-4 E-6 C-5 I-5 A-7 (8 w/ small frame) L-8 Small Frame & Built to Destroy Now, skills is where I having trouble. not enough of it in-game to use reliably. Guns 9mm pistol Maria 9mm submachine gun Vance's 9mm submachine gun .45 Auto pistol A Light Shining in Darkness .45 Auto submachine gun Service rifle Survivalist's rifle Assault carbine … but, I still like my HC playthrough on Normal w/ the bounty hunter duster and the fully modded cowboy repeater, .357 Magnum, and my bowie knife. To counter how easy it was to max out the player character's skills in Fallout 3, most of the skill-boosting perks have been removed or replaced. I was rather annoyed to find that the perk includes all revolvers except for That Gun, excluding it when the more powerful .44 Magnum and Hunting Revolver are allowed, as well as excluding Machetes. effects I want to know what perks I should choose to deal a bunch of damage with these weapons. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. 10. It's just those a 2 quite important guns in the game, also is the service rifle considered a cowboy rifle? Let Cass tag along with a brush gun or give Raul a hunting revolver. 1 Background 2 Characteristics 3 Variants 3.1 Comparison 4 Location 5 Behind the scenes 6 Bugs 7 Sounds 8 References The original .223 pistol that became one of the iconic weapons of New California, was originally a full sized .223 revolving rifle, belonging to Irwin, a farmer outside of the Hub. Endorsements. try to set the intelligence stat to 7-8 as well, so you can get those skills up right from the start. Squalor 18:42, March 16, 2012 (UTC). The Medicine Stick could be, but the regular brush gun has a leather cartridge holder on the stock that looks more modern, imo. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Have fun and save often. Damage increase is only 15% now, but alongside with it you're 15% more accurate and faster with grunt/cowboy guns! You could also imagine the .45 pistols were from the early 1900s as well. There are 88 regular perks, eight companion perks, 16 challenge perks, and 18 special perks. Grunt is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts. I also increased the requirments for the perks, since if you're using them alongside with trigger discipline or fast shot, either accuracy or attack speed bonuse gonna make those traits less painful to have. This includes: I want to have the Cowboy perk, which would require melee weapons. 1 Legend 2 Guns 2.1 Pistols 2.2 Rifles 2.3 Submachine guns 2.4 Shotguns 2.5 Heavy weapons 3 Energy weapons 3.1 Energy pistols 3.2 Energy rifles 3.3 Energy heavy weapons 4 Explosives 4.1 Projectile 4.2 Thrown 4.3 Placed 5 Melee 5.1 Bladed 5.2 Blunt 5.3 Thrown 6 Unarmed 7 Other 8 Unused weapons 8.1 Cut content 8.2 Legacy content 8.3 Non-player character weapons 9 Behind the … Games. The sniper rifle might be balanced now with reference to gameplay (I don't think so but I'll run with it for now), but its not balanced with reference to other guns. The requirements for the perk have also been changed to require either 45 guns, 45 melee or explosives, so having just one of those skills at 45 allows you to take the perk. The brush gun is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. Thanks! What's important to know is that to use every gun a cowboy's gonna use you only need 6 strength. 25 % more damage when using any revolver, lever-action firearm, dynamite, knife, or hatchet. Squalor 18… The bolt action rifles that feature in the game are not "wild west" period specific if that's what you're asking. and the police pistol does not count as a cowboy weapon, but it reloads all its bullets with one animation due to a speed loader which is why I like it. the Police pistol seems Feasible to me, if you use .38 specials in it. :), I understand there is a cowboy perk which affects the cowboy related guns and weapons however there might be some other weapons we consider as cowboy weapons. I will have guns obviously, but the other two skills is confusing. Get a Trail Carbine w/ scope and get Chance's knife. All of your pistols now do +40% damage. unarmed? So if you guys could suggest some more it would help me out so much. Have fun and save often. Hunting revolvers? Hello fellow Fallout players :) I am currently looking to do a full playthrough of FNV and only using cowboy related guns and perks such as the cowboy repeater, .357 magnum, .44 magnum, trail carbine and others. Alien Blaster: Locate the large spaceship north and a little east of Horowitz Farmstead (east of Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch), then kill the Alien Captain. Bowie knife Lonesome Road. Grunt also is a good choice, the LMG even becomes a more powerfull weapon than already is. close. 1 Characteristics 1.1 Modifications 2 Variants 2.1 Comparison 3 Locations 4 Notes 5 Behind the scenes 6 Bugs 7 Sounds 8 References Brush gun expanded The main rifle of the New California Republic NCR Ranger Veteran, the brush gun is a lever-action rifle firing .45-70 Gov't ammunition. Dynamite? Armor: Joshua Graham's Armor, 1st Recon Beret/Any cowboy hat (Desperado Hat/Ranger Grey Hat Preferred. I've spent countless hours on fallout new Vegas and want to do a cowboy Yes Man playthrough with a female character. ranks cowboy is an amazing perk as the lever action firearms are some of the best weapons in game. You can just use 6-7). 357 magnum 44 magnum Lucky Mysterious Magnum Hunting Revolver Ranger Sequoia Cowboy repeater La Longue Carbine Trail Carbine Brush Gun … Cowboy Fallout: New Vegas. 1.0. Cheers! However, I was once again met with dissappointment. Fallout: New Vegas LORDHOOD444 01:54, March 14, 2012 (UTC) sorry, didn't realise I'd been signed out earlier, the String of numbers was me. they both existed in the wild west, albeit sparingly. Plus Cowboy doesn't affect them. Keep in mind the shotguns up to the lever-action are availible, all in 20-gauge. In DUST, Regular perks may be obtained once every level gained in the game. Specifically, do any Energy Weapons qualify? Level 8 Guns 45 Melee 45 You do 25% more damage with 9mm and .45 Auto pistols and SMGs, service rifles, Assault and Marksman carbines, light machine guns, frag grenades, grenade rifles and launchers, and combat knives. Cowboy is a perk in Fallout New Vegas with the base ID 00138562. Two handed Rifles? Category:Fallout: New Vegas perks - The Vault Fallout Wiki - Everything you need to know about Fallout 76, Fallout 4, New Vegas and more! my next char is a mute, incredibly stupid courier who fights barehanded or with a rebar club. Get a Trail Carbine w/ scope and get Chance's knife. But this here New Vegas is full of many ways to increase yer strength as you play along. Assume the cowboy perk of course. It helps hatchets but not the fire axe. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Dynamite. sell the unessential weapons you get, and go from there! Its benefits include: +25% damage done by dynamite, hatchets, knives, revolvers, and lever-action guns.. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I will savor killing Caesar with it, and then Moore and Kimball.LORDHOOD444 16:02, March 24, 2012 (UTC). 00138562 the 1911 w/no mods would be "okay" in my book as a cowboy's gun, especially if he's got bolt action or a pump-shotgun. This perk increases damage dealt with dynamite, lever-action firearms, hatchets, knives and revolvers by 25%, as well as any unique variants of the weapons. This perk increases damage dealt with dynamite, lever-action firearms, hatchets, knives, and revolvers by 25%, as well as any unique variants of the weapons. For other stuff not mentioned yet you've got your bowie knives, fire bombs, tomahawks, throwing knives, spears, & hatchets. The Cowboy perk does indeed make the Lever action shotgun stronger, but the Riot shotgun leaves it in the dust with a higher dps, flat out greater damage even after Cowboy comes into play, a faster rate of fire, larger ammo capacity and the ability to use beanbag rounds. Cowboy is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas, and a perk in the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode. all of the above seems good to go for a playthrough. Grunt is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts. Despite the perk description, The Professional adds 20% more damage granted by allcritical hits (and not just Sneak Attack Criticals) when using any pistols, revolvers, or submachine guns from either the Guns or Energy Weapons skills and their unique variants. Take Rapid Reload. I guess it all depends on what kinda authenticity you're going for with this. Revolvers? 10 luck (unecessary. Medicine stick is fine by me, but then again I'm no Authority on rping/overseeing other's playthroughs. Does the cowboy perk affect "This gun" or the Trail Carbine? That sounds like a tough challenge Azzy. eh, the scopes are an issue, but the sequoia would be good. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Anyone that has played through Fallout: New Vegas will know that this is an incredibly situational issue. I'd suggest only carrying 1-3 types of ammo, since you're Rping it up a tad. base id counts for cowboy perk so its probably a revovler. I know what guns ill use: Police Pistol, Medicine stick, Lucky, Mysterious Magnum, etc. chevron_left. Guns 9mm pistol Maria 9mm submachine gun … The only shotgun the Cowboy perk helps is the lever action so get one of those. ... Good for guns: Grunt + cowboy - boost some of the best weapons, must have for guns builds Hand Loader - because some of the crafted ammo is very good ... Grunt/Cowboy/Laser Commander - More mandatory perks for specific weapon types. Cowboy is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas, and a perk in the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode. Fallout 4, for me, was dead. The Cowboy perk is described as "You do 25% more damage when using any revolver, lever-action firearm, dynamite, knife, or hatchet, pard'ner." :) --DeadlyPrey(talk) 05:33, March 23, 2012 (UTC), I believe .44 Magnum was created somewhere in the 60's or so, Jeff cooper was pushing hard for it. ( commisaries rock!)